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To provide quality and timely labor and employment law services that meet the unique needs of each client.


The Law Office of Brenda Diederichs provides labor and employment law services to employers.

Brenda has 18 years of legal experience, paired with over 20 years of Human Resources leadership in various agencies. She is certified in workplace investigations by the Association of Workplace Investigators and has conducted or overseen over 100 workplace investigations for cities, counties, special districts, community college districts and school districts. Brenda has led over 60 negotiations tables that have included negotiating with state officials and prominent public figures, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson. She has defended claims against the employer whether a disciplinary appeal, grievance, EEOC, DFEH, DOJ or DOL complaint against the employer. Brenda has advised employers on labor group formation, decertification, accretion actions and unit challenges. She has mediated solutions with the labor organizations related to workplace challenges and achieving a successor agreement. Brenda is familiar with both police and fire rights as she has handled many police and fire investigations, grievances, disciplinary appeals and labor disputes. She provides employment and labor law training, such as, harassment, discrimination, and legal updates.

As a human resources leader for over 20 years, Brenda has a clear and practical understanding of the issues faced by her clients and offers counsel as part of her legal advice which includes consideration of the peripheral challenges. She has transformed many human resources operations, including staffing reorganization, providing technical training to staff, upgrading the human resources systems for recruitment and data analytics, creating agency wide employee orientation, stay surveys, cross training programs, leadership programs, and much more.

This twofold professional background provides Brenda with a full understanding of workplace legal matters that pairs with her pragmatic leadership experience to assist with navigating complex, political, and professionally difficult situations.

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The firm’ s focus is on meeting your labor and employment law needs, while offering wrap around solutions to improve the workplace experience.

Brenda partners with clients to identify creative legal solutions that “make sense” for their unique situations. She respects the relationship with your workforce and leadership teams and assists in navigating the nuances of the internal relationships to respect all stakeholders. No job is too small or too big as we scale up for larger projects. 


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Brenda Diederichs


Brenda Diederichs is the founder, CEO and Owner of the Law Office of Brenda Diederichs. She has been fortunate to have an incredible career in law at two major Los Angeles based public law firms and at her own firm. She has over 20 years leading human resources for public agencies. She has a passion for achieving sensible solutions for her clients.

“The improvements made possible by Brenda’s leadership will continue to benefit our organization for years to come. In addition to new programs and processes, she focused on training the next generation of HR practitioners. On a range of issues, Brenda has always been a trusted advisor.”

Jeff Van Wagenen,


"Brenda has significant experience as a labor attorney and as a human resources professional prior to her legal career. This provides clients with a broad perspective on the challenges and issues that are confronting California public agencies."

John Ruiz,,

HR Consultant


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