About: The Law Office Of Brenda L. Diederichs

As the founder of the firm, Brenda Diederichs has 34 years experience in human resources and labor relations, with 11 of those years serving as an Attorney and Department Chair for the Labor and Employment Law Group for Burke, Williams & Sorensen and Richards, Watson & Gershon. While with these two law firms, she had the pleasure to work in city, county, special district and public transportation organizations. Additionally, she has served as the Executive Officer, Labor and Employee Relations for LA Metro, the Human Resources Director for the City of West Covina, and Labor Relations Manager for the Southern California Rapid Transit District.

She has performed employment law services for numerous police and fire departments, including conducting internal affairs investigations, advising management on disciplinary matters, defending disciplinary and termination actions in arbitration and advising police and fire chiefs on labor and employment law matters. She has a track record as a problem solver and creative negotiator.

Ms Diederichs reviews, revises and drafts personnel manuals, rules and policies for employers. She conducts training and is a sought after speaker on all labor and employment topics.

Ms. Diederichs has advocated cases before the Department of Justice, Public Employee Relations Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Public Employees Retirement Systems Board, L. A. County Civil Service Commission and various arbitration systems. Additionally, she served on the Industrial Welfare Commission for the State of California.

With thirty-one years of experience in the profession Ms. Diederichs has strong negotiation skills. Sixteen of those years were with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency and Southern California Rapid Transit District, during which she negotiated directly with and on behalf of various political and public figures including; Reverend Jesse Jackson, Speaker of the California Assembly, three Mayors for the city of Los Angeles, Governors’ Cabinet Members, and members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Additionally, she has 11 years of negotiation experience with various public agencies, including cities, counties, public utilities and special districts.

Ms. Diederichs has drafted numerous employment, separation and settlement agreements.

Ms. Diederichs performed advisory work on a wide-range of topics, such as, on-duty and off-duty criminal conduct, sexual harassment, misconduct, and discrimination. Further, she conducted internal investigations related to workplace misconduct and defended the investigations in court with 100% success for the client. She has drafted personnel rules, manuals and handbooks. Ms. Diederichs has trained thousands of employees on labor and employment law topics.

The Firm is affiliated with other attorney’s to ensure that the legal work is well staffed and timely accomplished.

The Law Office of Brenda L. Diederichs looks forward to the opportunity to perform legal services for your organization.